Our Communities

Saracen is a Western Australian based company with operations based in the Goldfields with strong links throughout. Our ties to the Goldfields are strengthened by our employees and contractors who live and work in the area and through our relationship with WASM (WA School of Mines).

Our engagement with the community is through Saracen’s Community Policy and kept current through our annual Community Consultation Survey. We aim to continually improve the way in which we interact with the community and strengthen Saracens relationships with our local communities.

The focus of Saracen's Community Donation and Sponsorship Programme is to support the local communities (Leonora, Leinster, Menzies and Kalgoorlie) in which we operate to create sustainable outcomes. Formal requests for community donations or sponsorship should be made using the Sponsorship Application Form, emailed to communitysponsorship@saracen.com.au.  All applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Our Community Partners

Saracen has engaged with a number of community partners in relationships that provide long term benefit to the communities in which we operate.


Shooting Stars

Shooting Stars is an initiative of Netball WA and Glass Jar Australia, which uses netball and other tools as the vehicles to drive greater engagement and attendance at school of young Aboriginal girls living in WA’s remote communities and regional towns.

Saracen provided foundation sponsorship in 2018 to support the programme in Leonora at the Leonora District High School.  The full programme commenced in October 2018 and has already seen an increase in engagement and attendance at school.  

Saracen has a 3-year partnership with Shooting Stars which, as well as sponsorship, will include working with the girls and the school to engage the girls and create positive long term outcomes.


Saracen’s Board and Management team at Leonora District High School with the Shooting Stars team and attendees

Shooting Stars Pleased to Announce Official Launch of Leonora Site



Netball Sponsorship

Through the Gold Industry Group, Saracen is backing netball in Western Australia with a commitment of $5 million over three years - the single largest investment in the sport’s 95-year history.  This is a unique sponsorship that supports WA Netball from grass roots to elite level.


Heart of Gold Trails


As part of Saracen’s support for the Gold Industry Group, for the second year in a row we have provided support for the #heartofgold trail in Perth and Kalgoorlie.  These interactive trails help locals and tourists alike unlock our golden past and understand the future of gold mining and its impact in Western Australia.


There are now trails in Perth (including in Mandarin) and in Kalgoorlie and the trails are fully linked with the Australian curriculum and provide an interactive app as well as teacher resources. 




University Support – Curtin University : WA School of Mines & Alumni Association

Saracen has been a long term supporter of the WA School of Mines (WASM).  Our Managing Director, Raleigh Finlayson is the current president of the WASM Alumni and at a recent WASM event he reiterated the impact of WASM: “WASM was recently ranked number two globally in the World University Rankings for minerals and mining engineering - which is an outstanding achievement,” he said.

“WASMA’s strong educational focus was put under the spotlight, with special mention of the association’s mentoring and outreach programs, mining camps, cadetships and centre for excellence.”

Saracen’s support includes support for the alumni events including the WASMA ball, sporting events and supporting WASM as it engages with the community. 





Clontarf Foundation

The Clontarf Foundation exists to improve the education, discipline, life skills, self-esteem and employment prospects of young Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander men and by doing so equips them to participate meaningfully in society..

Saracen has provided long term support for Clontarf and in 2018, Saracen formalised this support through a 3 year partnership with Clontarf, particularly focussed in the Goldfields region and the Kalgoorlie Academy.  Through the partnership, Saracen and the Clontarf team will engage their students and graduates with our team and seek employment at our sites. 

As part of Saracen’s long term relationship with Clontarf our sites have hosted Clontarf graduates as part of the Mining and the Land programme to introduce the boys to Mining and the relevant career opportunities.



2019 Mining and the Land Visit

Justin Beattie, Matt Southam at the Kalgoorlie Boulder Clontarf Academy delivering sporting goods to the academy and enjoying some games with the boys








Saracen was  proud to support Telethon 2018 and the people of Western Australia with the proceeds from the sale of a one-kilogram gold bar. The bar was struck specifically for Telethon and was auctioned at the Telethon Lexus Ball and realised a premium of almost 20% above its face value.


University Support – University of WA : Australasian Institute of Mining and Metallurgy (AusIMM) Student Chapter

Saracen is partnering with the  UWA Student Chapter of the AusIMM association to further support students and show them the opportunities and benefits of working and studying within the minerals industry. 




The CoRE Program's vision is to 'imagine a better future where life-long learning is unleashed in the classroom.' This classroom is known as #therealclassroom, where industry practices are embraced by the students, and students are taken out into the real world to network with industry professionals.

The CoRE Program provides its students with 21st century social and emotional enterprising skills, improved contemporary digital technology, literacy and numeracy capabilities, in conjunction with evolved research strategies and conceptual knowledge. Most importantly, CoRE students understand how their learning is relevant and applies to resources industry career pathways. In CoRE all students have the opportunity to evolve their passions and strengths, all the while developing their STEM learning.