We are committed to sustainable business growth practices, which maximise Shareholder value, financial returns and societal outcomes.  Principles guiding our approach to sustainability include, but are not limited to:

•  Create shareholder value, by being honest and trustworthy in all our dealings;
•  Consider economic, social, safety and environmental risks in all investment and commercial decisions;
•  Proactively support and engage in social programs that align with our business and which deliver tangible, measurable benefits to the communities in which we operate;
•  Actively target a beyond zero emissions approach, particularly for emissions that threaten the global climate;
•  Fair and ethical treatment of clients, suppliers, contractors and business partners;
•  Fostering a culture that aligns with our core values of Safety, Attitude, Communication, Delivery and Courage.

Saracen's 2019 Sustainability Report was released in September 2019.