Our Communities

Saracen is a Western Australian based company with operations based in the Goldfields with strong links throughout. Our ties to the Goldfields are strengthened by our employees and contractors who live and work in the area and through our relationship with WASM (WA School of Mines).

Our engagement with the community is through Saracen’s Community Policy and kept current through our annual Community Consultation Survey. We aim to continually improve the way in which we interact with the community and strengthen Saracens relationships with our local communities.

The focus of Saracen's Community Donation and Sponsorship Programme is to support the local communities (Leonora, Leinster, Menzies and Kalgoorlie) in which we operate to create sustainable outcomes. Formal requests for community donations or sponsorship should be made using the Sponsorship Application Form, emailed to communitysponsorship@saracen.com.au. All applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Our Community Partners

Saracen has engaged with a number of community partners in relationships that provide long term benefit to the communities in which we operate.