Water Management and Conservation

Water is critical to our operations and is used in exploration, mining, processing and in our offices and camps. Water is sourced from mining operations and bore fields.

As a priority, water dewatered from mining operations is used in the processing plants, with bore water extracted as required to meet the balance of processing plant demand and camp requirements. Where possible excess dewatering volumes are stored in unused open pits for reuse at a later date.

Saracen also recycles water from the tailings stream via the tailings thickener at Thunderbox and also reclaims water from the Tailings Storage Facilities (“TSFs”) at Carosue Dam and Thunderbox. Saracen are currently construction and commissioning a new tailings thickener at the Carosue Dam which will aid further with water recoveries and reuse opportunities.

Most of Saracen’s mines are located on Pastoral Leases which utilise groundwater for pastoral purposes. Saracen carefully manages its operations so as not to negatively impact pastoral users or groundwater dependant eco systems.