Extensive, established infrastructure at the Thunderbox gold operations include a 2.5Mtpa CIL Plant (comprising a ball mill and SAG mill), airstrip, reticulated gas from the GGT pipeline, bore fields, powerhouse, workshops, core farm, administration complex and a 270 room accommodation village.

The conventional (Crushing, grinding, CIL) Thunderbox CIL plant operated from 2002 to 2007; treating oxide, transitional and sulphide ore from the Thunderbox mine. Over the life of mine the plant treated 10.9Mt of ore at an average grade of 2.41 g/t Au, recovering ~805koz Au, at a recovery rate of 95%.

Power for the Mill and operations was previously provided under contract by an on-site custom built power station. The power station is owned by KPS, with Saracen responsible for supplying fuel. The power plant is fully automated and has been converted to operate on a blend of natural gas and diesel.

Previously there were up to 16 generator sets operational prior to the Thunderbox mill going on to care and maintenance.

A 20km gas line spur, owned by Saracen, delivers natural gas to the Thunderbox power station from the Goldfields Gas pipeline. The spur has the capacity to deliver ~10TJ/day, of which a maximum of 1.74TJ/day was historically used by Thunderbox and Waterloo combined.

Diesel fuel storage is provided on site through a 1.1Ml storage tank, located at the Thunderbox mill site.

The Thunderbox accommodation village is located ~3km from the Thunderbox mine site and has a capacity of 270 rooms. Individual rooms are modern and serviceable, with each having an ensuite, telephone and fridge.

The village and facilities are in excellent condition. Amenities include a modern kitchen and messing hall, wet-mess facility, gymnasium, theatre room, swimming pool, recreation area, tennis/basketball court and telephone/internet booths.

The Thunderbox Airstrip, consisting of an unsealed runway, is located ~3km northwest of the village.

Water for the Thunderbox operations is sourced from a number of bore fields typically within 10km of the Thunderbox and Waterloo deposits. All water within the borefield network is of high quality, with the good quality continuing in highly prospective areas in the existing Rogan Josh bore field, and continuing south to Snapper and beyond.

Potable water is treated and stored at a tank within the Thunderbox mill complex before being pumped to the village and Waterloo.

The minesite is equipped with a modern communication system with remote connection speeds of up to 256Kbps. The system is capable of fast reliable remote data transfer. A Telstra Mobile tower is installed at Thunderbox mine providing mobile coverage across all infrastructure areas surrounding Thunderbox and Waterloo.

Offices, as well as light and heavy vehicle workshops and storerooms are located at Thunderbox. A gravel pit is also located within Mining lease M36/600.