Deep South


    Deep South is contained within tenement M39/740, and is located approximately 180km SE of Leonora, 100km south of Laverton and 70km NE of the Carosue Dam processing Plant. The deposit lies 5km east of the Safari Bore and Serengeti resources.



    Deep South is hosted in a sequence of meta-sedimentary rocks. Proximal to the mineralisation is a narrow zone of high magnesium basalt and ultramafic which is variably intruded by intermediate porphyry dykes. This mineralisation is hosted in two parallel lodes; Scarlett and Butler. Key to the mineralisation is a carbonate unit which has formed a conduit for mineralising fluids. The majority of the mineralisation is characterised by magnetite-sulphide-quartz-carbonate alteration. 


    Open pit mining of the Deep South cutback was completed in April 2013. Underground mining  commenced in the second half of FY16