Thunderbox regional - Au



    The Thunderbox region comprises of a sequence of strongly deformed basalts, felsic volcanics and clastic sediments intruded by the Spider Well sub-volcanic complex. The deformation is dominated by major north-northwest ductile shear zones and a pervasive network of late north-northeast trending brittle faults.

    Following the discovery and delineation of Thunderbox, regional gold exploration has focused on shallow oxide resources associated with the Thunderbox shear and parallel regional structures. The two major projects are Rainbow and Mangilla. Both of these projects are open and could be extended with further drilling.

    The area is host to variety of regolith profiles and is dominated by an extensive layer of transported cover which has rendered much of the early surface geochemical techniques ineffective. Systematic RAB/Aircore drilling over targets identified from aeromagnetics and gravity surveys has defined a number of prospects including Double A, Madras, Morning Glory, Vindaloo and Rogan Josh.

    Current activities will be focused on reviewing the effectiveness of previous exploration and identifying projects that can be advanced with further drilling.