Bannockburn regional - Au






    The Bannockburn project covers a 120km strike length of the central northern portion of the Archaean Norseman-Wiluna Greenstone belt. The stratigraphy is dominated by mafic to ultramafic intrusive and extrusive volcanics with intercalated sedimentary horizons. The sequence is bound to the west by pre-tectonic basement granitoids, and has been folded into a series of juxtaposed synclines and anticlines which are shallowly plunging, both north and south.

    Exploration potential exists at the two major projects North Well and Bannockburn historic mines. Opportunity presents to extend known mineralisation with strong high grade plunge positions at both projects remaining open. There is also potential to identify repeat mineralised structures below the current Bannockburn resource.

    Regionally there have been a number of mineralised structures identified which remain underexplored and warrant further exploration.Historical exploration across the tenements has largely focused on identifying gold mineralisation. Recently attention has been turned to the base metal potential across the project following the ongoing discovery success in the district, including discoveries at Jaguar and Bentley.

    Saracen aims to review and pursue all exploration opportunities across the project, with the immediate focus on gold opportunities.