Our Compass



"Add value"

We will add value to our key stakeholders by building a sustainable future through acquiring, exploring, developing and producing gold and potentially other metals in an economically disciplined, safe and environmentally responsible manner.

Adding Value to our Shareholders is achieved by:

  • Capital Gains in our share price.
  • Paying a Dividend.

 Adding Value to all stakeholders is achieved by:

  • Ensuring we survive the hard times.
  • Generating sufficient free cashflow to reward excellent performance.
  • Building a pipeline of economically robust projects that will add value and deliver longevity.



5 year plan

"Continue to focus on adding value to our key stakeholders by delivering positive free cashflow every year"

Our 5 year plan will add value to our key stakeholders by:

  • Remaining focused on our mission – Add value.
  • By living within our means, our vision is to generate positive free cashflow every year after all expenses, regardless of which direction the company takes in the future.
  • Focusing on free cashflow generation, not metal produced and ‘reportable’ cash costs. Avoid growth for growth’s sake.

Building a sustainable business that generates consistent free cashflow, so long as this objective is achieved, the number of ounces we produced, the number of mines we operate, the projects we acquire, and the metals we exploit will be a by-product to our over-arching strategy of Adding Value.